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Here at the Life Healing Center, we believe in providing the best possible care for all of our clients, and that begins with individualized psychiatry.  Our providers realize that every person is different, as are their needs and their goals; therefore we work with our clients to develop an individual plan of treatment and care that fits not only the client, but their diagnosis and their personal goals for treatment.  In addition, our providers realize that continuity of care is essential to a client's treatment, and as such, our physicians offer inpatient and outpatient psychiatric services, and our office offers individual, couples, or family therapy and counseling services.  This allows yours providers to work together to coordinate your care to ensure your needs are met.


Life Healing Center, PC strives to provide comprehensive, integrated, scientifically informed and evidence based behavioral and mental health services that will achieve wellness by living healthier lives and improve the mental health and quality of life in partnership with our consumers and the community we serve.


Life Healing Center, PC envisions to inspire confidence and respect as a provider of comprehensive behavioral and mental health services in the community.


To provide accessible, effective, and efficient behavioral and mental health services.

To advocate for the rights and needs of individuals with behavioral and mental health challenges.

To continually measure the outcomes of the services provided to assure effectiveness, efficiency, and accountability.


Consistent with its mission, Life Healing Center, PC has adopted a Statement of Purpose.  The purpose of Life Healing Center, PC is to alleviate the stigma and prejudice against mental illness by working in partnership with consumers, families and the community as a whole, in providing scientifically informed and evidence based behavioral and mental health services to empower consumers and communities with a goal to keep them integrated in the community through coordinated services.


Life Healing Center, PC is a private, for-profit organization, providing comprehensive, integrated behavioral and mental health services to promote the health and quality of life for consumers in Gwinnett and adjacent counties. Any individual in need is eligible to receive services without regard to race, religion, disability, national origin, or gender.

Our services will:

·         Protect the dignity and privacy of the individuals served.

·         Be empirically advised and clinically sound.

·         Respond to community diversity through culturally sensitive consumer focused care.

·         Target outcomes that satisfy the consumer and demonstrate program effectiveness.

Our staff will:

·         Be friendly, courteous, and efficient.

·         Observe the highest ethical and practice standards.

·         Respond with empathy and compassion to the needs of the individuals we serve.

Our service site will:

·         Be accessible to all individuals.

·         Be safe, clean, hospitable and well-organized.

·         Be governed by business practices that are efficient, accountable and honest.

Our management practices will:

·         Promote respect and dignity towards the staff.

·         Encourage continuing professional development.

·         Promote a broad-based partnership of coordinated community care.

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